Monday, 9 May 2016

Why Slapped? Cause & Effect in International Relations

 Why Slapped? Cause & Effect in International Relations

One of the best ways for a country to avoid its own citizens being bombed is not to bomb civilians in other countries, but the mainstream media, global governments and most people on social media seem not to understand that very rudimentary point. 

If people still struggle to grasp it, all they need to do is ask themselves about the immediate blood lust vengeance bombing campaigns that follow from their own government after their country has been on the receiving end of some retaliation. How does it go? Like this, "Well we have just been bombed so we are coming to your country to bomb lots of people, whoever they are, as we have to satisfy the anger of our own people for some deaths, at least triple the amount of people we have lost and we also need to make sure that people realize WE have the monopoly on killing and weapons of mass destruction in the world." 

I keep on slapping a little kid every day, I steal his money every day, I keep him in chains, I torment him, I call him names and spread lies about him, I appoint the class bully to watch over him and organize his affairs, I forbid him from speaking or complaining, I also kill all his friends and family...and one day the kid slaps me back....but I am baffled why I got must be that he is jealous of my new shoes and doesn't like the way I comb my hair.

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