Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Need for Privacy - Refutation of Surveillance State Supporters

There is a very large section of the public socially engineered and indoctrinated not only by worship of the State and it's ideology but also some of it's more obvious subjugating concepts.

After every act of terrorism (of course not including the massive State terrorism which murders thousands of people every year, unnamed foreigners who enjoy no public ritual mourning, minute's silence etc), the State seeks to enact further means of control and surveillance of it's own citizens. After every tragedy, more laws are needed, tighter controls, more expansive powers for the intelligence and security services. All of the dozens or hundreds of sources of information on the public need to be collected in one place so the government and its security and military machinery can exercise a penetrative insight and judgement on every one of it's citizens who are 'suspected' of having 'extreme' or 'radical' views. 

So despite, the claim by the establishment, its indoctrination arm of State education and it's cheerleaders in the mainstream media that we live in a society with freedom of thought, information, politics, expression, association, speech and belief, it turns out none of those are true. 

The State, the establishment, judges you according to its own beliefs and interests. It has decided that which is extreme (even if it can not define it), that which is acceptable, moderate (and indeed it has decided that you must be moderate, unless it is in a sphere whose extremities the State desires) and ideal. The State has its own view of each religion. The State has not only decided that you must follow that which is orthodox but it has defined orthodoxy. That is right, the supposedly secular State has its own judgement on religious matters and has decided which interpretation you must follow, even if it's own judgement manifestly conflicts with the actual sources and classical authorities for that particular religion.

The State has decided what political direction you can move in and has decided how far you can walk. The State has decided that you must not ask certain questions but you must repeat particular slogans over and over until you are a happy submissive follower of them which an instant emotional hostile reaction to anyone who questions, let alone opposes them.

The State has its own view of history, which must be taught and there is no allowance for divergent or conflicting interpretations and sources. You are free to obey the State and follow its ideology in anyway you want. You are free to engage in political acts that the State has set up and facilitated for you, you can speak in favour of any mainstream party and you are free to watch any televised political debate where all opponents have the same ideology and accept the same system. Be grateful you don't live in a dictatorship, be grateful you are not being tortured and be grateful you engage in any of the perversions that government ministers engage in. Therefore, sign up for your voluntary Identity card, submit your data, trust the security services, police and politicians who are doing this all for you and be pleased you are not living in a rogue State.

Amongst the slogans which facilitate this docile, collective public mentality are "Only criminals need fear the law", "Increased powers of the security apparatus will only target the terrorists and serious criminals", "I have nothing to hide so it doesn't affect me" etc. The general populace becomes mobilized behind a drive for ever more intrusion into personal electronic communications, everything must be recorded, saved for many years 'for our security.' All of our transactions, movements, conversations, relationships must be gathered and analyzed, and most important of all our political and religious views must be monitored, especially when they are in opposition to anything the political elite and their corporate and ideological collaborators are seeking to propagate.

The idiotic stance of those happy to be monitored, observed, analyzed, supposedly in the name of 'freedom', ludicrously tied to supporting phrases such as 'We need freedom but we need freedom to live first' (i.e. abandon all your freedoms so the government can supposedly monitor you and those who are planning to kill you) is summed up by the much parroted mantra, 'We have no problem with the surveillance State, as we have nothing to hide."

So let us offer a little resistance to that ever touted hymn that so many are blindly and ignorantly singing:-

  1. I'm not the property of the State and the State doesn't own the country...it is indoctrination which leads to the acceptance of that enslaving idea.
  2. A private and public sphere of activity is natural, as the physical reality necessitates it. There are things we display in public and things we do not, due to the appropriateness of the nature of the activity.
  3. Private and Public life/activities/individuals/organizations benefit from the existence of the other. When the line between these is removed, both suffer from the other's absence. 
  4. There is no rational reason why all people should be perceptively connected to all other individuals at the same time...it is also an impossibility.
  5. Society is not one homogeneous unified entity...it consists of individuals and groups of conflicting beliefs, interests and motives.... thus, there is no reason to serve my opponents by informing them of all of my plans and activities. If you have some serious thoughts, values, principles and objectives, you certainly don't want to expose all to those individuals, groups and institutions who have declared by word or acts their malicious intent in opposing them.
  6. You may feel secure and immune today from oppression and persecution (due to your 'presumed' innocence and 'favourable and acceptable views and activities) but this may well not be the case tomorrow. Through no fault of your own nor by any change in your own behaviour you may well find yourself designated as a suspect, criminal, extremist, enemy of the State or 'enemy of freedom' etc. The government regularly invents new crimes and criminals in order to serve its own agenda, and any group in society can do that too, as indeed happens.
  7. Many aspects of private life are harmful to others when exposed.  
  8. Not all people are worthy of knowing all things all of the time.
  9. Many people are harmed by what they don't understand.
  10. Many people can't accurately judge what is presented before them due to hasty judgement and societal conditioning. This is quickly turned into public trial by media, where there is no debate, defence or common sense.
  11. Privacy serves purposes of efficiency, too many cooks spoil the broth, and we don't want to keep returning to lesson one, for late comers.
  12. You may have nothing to hide, but those observing you are hiding much from you.
  13. You may be perfectly open about your own motives, but those seeking further control on you are not perfectly open about their motives as even their own news and history proves.
  14. Once you allow yourself to be handcuffed to the throne of your master, you can't stop him putting further shackles upon you and after that doing whatever he desires.
  15. You maybe happy to abandon all your privacy and freedom to your current master, in your folly, but you don't know whether you can tolerate the excesses of his successor.
  16. Man does not consist of segregated compartments, you allow yourself to be exposed and controlled under one banner of security, while unknowingly giving the identical mandate to your 'benevolent overseers' economically, socially, intellectually, culturally and ideologically. You offered them a hand and they took both arms, legs, heart and head.
  17. Once you lift the veil, you lift it on everything, you can't tell your government worshipping observer, "Look this way only." 
  18. The government, it's departments, operatives and enforcers are not populated by altruistic, ethical, neutral individuals free from malicious intent, greed, grudge, prejudice, cowardice and disloyalty (they are even disloyal to those they swore oaths to and signed contracts with). Even if the imaginary ideal perception of the State and it's driving political parties were true, it's own materialistic ideology along with its collaborative culture of individualism ensures that the individuals within it are in conflict with its own official protocol and public spin. They are already cheating, but they even cheat at cheating, just as they lie about their lies.
  19. On a less theoretical note, consider the spectacular achievements of indoctrination and mind-control when people willingly support increased powers of observation, spying, control and immunity for an entity whose own record define it as a mass murdering, serial-lying, self-preserving, self-serving, thieving, plundering, deceiving, opponent-torturing, defrauding, enslaving obstacle to truth and progress. 
  20. When you build an impregnable cage, you might find it useful to check that you are not inside it.

We can make this list very long, but I think the case is already clearly made. I don't want the government in my private affairs and space unless I explicitly invite them, and neither should you. They are quite strict and aggressive in preventing anyone from uncovering and scrutinizing their own private interests and plots.
We are by consent, collaboration and ignorant self-deception allowing ourselves to be profiled in all spheres and directions so that we can be manipulated economically, socially, culturally, politically and ideologically. They see us while we don't see them, they know about us what they are not willing to reveal about themselves. Our information is open to the highest bidder. Whatever needs to be fabricated about us can be constructed as a fact for the public mind. The whole country and world for that mater, has become a giant prison under 24 hour surveillance. Who is overlooking the overseers? Only those who scripted the project in the first place. We live in a cross between a zoo and a mental asylum, and if we get out of line we need to be injected with our big pharma pills, and they know exactly the medicine we need, they have been checking our reactions as we swallow for a long time.

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