Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Holes in the Finances - 10 Rules to Avoid Squandering your Wealth

Holes in the Finances
Ten Rules to Avoid Squandering your Wealth

1) Don't get into businesses you don't might only gain some understanding of them once they have swallowed your fortune.

2) Don't get into businesses you are no good at...a pat on the back from your pal and a like from your girlfriend on Facebook might not cut it in the real world.

3) Don't get involved with agents you don't know...they might be here today, gone tomorrow...with your money.

4) Don't store your wealth in volatile worthless currency, instead convert it into real wealth, commodities, gold etc. Something that has value in itself is better than something given artificial value by the manipulations of government and central banks.

5) Don't put all your eggs in one basket, baskets of eggs often fall to the ground...leaving you with no eggs for eggs and no eggs for pancakes.

6) Don't go telling everyone your ideas before you hatched them...people have a knack of taking your ideas and then claiming they are their own when the dollar signs register on their eyeballs.

7) Take note of your real friends in the stage of poverty and weakness...In the stage of strength and riches, your friend list seems to grow along with your bills.

8) Make sure your spouse married you before you got rich...if this needs explaining then you obviously never read celebrity news.

9) Make sure you live in the right country...somehow people have been mind controlled into accepting the principle that half your wealth belongs to the government, some governments are better than others but they all seem to be thieves operating an exploitation racket.

10) Don't waste your money on a whole load of stupid expensive things you don't need....if you really needed them, you would have died before you became rich.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Death at the Door - 27th August 2014

Death at the Door

Death is knocking at the door,
Don't want to let him in,
He wants less but I want more,
He knows about my sin.

Death is knocking at the door,
No place for me to hide,
I once felt rich, but now I'm poor,
He's soon to break inside.

Death is knocking at the door,
I can't resist, I can't delay,
I'm second best in this short war,
I'll soon receive my pay.

(Zayd Depaor - 27th August 2014, 6:46am)

AGEING LINES - 27th August 2014

More lines upon my face today,
I'm rushing to my grave,
More problems passed my way today,
It's time to hide in caves.

No time to sleep, no time to think,
Words grow dry before the ink,
Fading fast and dying faster,
Coming close to meet my Master.

Hair receded, growth impeded,
Bones are aching, limbs are shaking,
Memory faded, feeling jaded,
No more passion looks my way,
More lines upon my face today.
(Zayd Depaor - 27th August 2014, 6:07am)