Saturday, 14 November 2015

Looking past the ritual mourning and slogans in Paris

Only hours gone since the Paris attacks of 13th November 2015 and already the unthinking masses show their unthinking conformity. competing to see who can compose the latest symbols for people to gather under. Latest one? A modified CND symbol in the form of the Eiffel tower...the only problem is that this symbol is not in fact a generic symbol for 'peace' but the symbol for CND, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament...the issue with that is France being a Nuclear power (along with USA, UK, Israel, Russia & others) which uses Nuclear Terrorism as part of its 'foreign policy' i.e. "If you don't do as we say and like, if you don't surrender to our demands then we might wipe out your families, babies, women, communities, society and infrastructure with a nuclear holocaust." Why? Because they are so peace loving and humanitarian of course.....Don't you see all their minutes silence for the dead? It doesn't matter that they omit that minutes silence for all the thousands of men, women and children they have bombed to death in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and other places.

It is amazing that millions of people can be blind to the actions of their own governments in murdering thousands of people in other countries while simultaneously considering there will be no consequences.

If you keep slapping a victim, stealing his money, tormenting him, calling him names, lying about him and hurting his friends and family...surely you shouldn't be surprised if he slaps back one day.

But most people don't want to think about that as it may mean confronting their own hands in the global mess and oppression. It is a lot easier to jump on the bandwagon, spread some silly and hypocritical quotes and symbols on social media and get in line to surrender and conform to all the State imposed ritual mourning followed by the annual worship of military who spend their time bombing women and children from a safe distance.

The so called 'leaders' have already declared 'We will not change our way of life' which when unspun translates as "We will not stop our bombing of civilians in other countries because some of our own citizens die, as we don't care that much for our citizens despite these phoney displays of public mourning and we certainly don't care for those who we are bombing and killing every week."

With the declaration of more State revenge terrorism "We will fight [terrorize, bomb, torture and slaughter]..." we can only expect the cycle of violence and reprisals to continue, as some want to perpetuate the Orwellian socially-engineered narrative of the humanitarian, civilized, innocent 'international community' defending against the 'uncivilized, barbaric, savages.'

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  1. Abdullah julaibeeb14 November 2015 at 10:53

    open a facebook page and share ur thoughts there.even if u have to summarize ur thoughts may reach more people...

    1. I'm kind of fed up with facebook, it is full of shallow nonsense, it is also unstable...they forever block you, censor you etc. Even if no-one reads this, at least I can direct someone here if they are interested.