Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cosmetic Surgery Manipulation

Many women have been mind controlled into cosmetic surgery. It is economic, cultural, social and psychological manipulation...and it damages you long term, and you delete and mutilate part of yourself. If groups, individuals and cultures demand distorting your nature, modifying yourself to conform to some false, plastic ideal...then abandon those groups and individuals in favour of those who appreciate nature and purity free from socially engineered shallow conformist fabricated images. Instead of vandalizing yourself associate with those who appreciate your original form and nature and are not mind-controlled and impressed by fakery.

Does a healthy minded individual really attracted to a living Barbie doll or blow up doll who has had every body part modified to meet some juvenile image and ideal of beauty?

It takes all sorts to make a world and we were not manufactured in moulds churned out on a factory conveyor belt. Why would anyone want a society made up of carbon-copy women?

Endless cases of naturally beautiful women destroying themselves by trying to look like some other unnatural and unappealing image. People manipulating their bone structures until they crumble into an inhuman looking mess.

We are in trouble as we have allowed ourselves to be misled, misdirected by false authorities, experts and commentators. Led down the sewers and garbage alleys by clueless and corrupted role models and going with the flow down the toilet with wandering and commercially enslaved crowd of empty vessels making all the wrong noises.

It is a sad state of affairs when people's tastes have been narrowed into toxic self-strangulation and their aesthetic appreciation been bent to conform with an industry standard of the lowest common denominator, an even sadder state of affairs when people feel pressured to undergo medical procedures to fit in with that which could never fit or be accepted by the most unsophisticated, uncivilized, unintelligent and shallow sections of society. 

Don't try and fix what isn't broken.

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