Wednesday, 8 February 2017


10 Reasons Why the 5p Bag Charge is Idiotic

1) It hits the poorest in society the hardest, those who have less resources to ruin the environment with

2) Reusable Bags are a haven for Bacteria, not a good idea for your fresh food

3) Plastic Bags were used as bin liners, now people will just be buying more bin liners

4) Plastic bags had many uses and were cheap or free to apply to those uses, now the payment has to be made...they will be less available and there will in fact be less recycling in relation to those extra uses and other resources will be used. Perhaps the park drunks who at least gathered their litter into one bag and placed it in the recycle bin will now instead leave their litter scattered everywhere and it wont get recycled

5) The bag charge hits those who pollute less, cyclists and pedestrians who need more bags because they are actually carrying them over a distance rather than lifting them from their trolley to their heavily polluting car. All the car drivers are not complaining about the charge as they don't carry the bags any distance anyway.

6) A poor person doing a family shop may need 12-16 plastic bags in one shop to do the shopping as bags may need to be doubled and tripled and they don't hold much anyway. 80p added to a shopping budget means 80p less for food or any other necessities. The idiotic politicians, who often don't do their own shopping and have no idea about counting pennies, as they have high salaries paid by public taxes before setting themselves up in high paying jobs due to their government insider-info, are unaware that the "5p wont break the bank" is actually false. It is not 5p a year or even a week, but on every unit needed, every shopping trip and every transaction necessary. It can be a significant charge on the poor, or even on the rich man who didn't consider the bag charge who is out of cash.

7) A poor person may only have £1 on them for a few items...but now they need the bag or bags also to be paid for, this may mean they go home without shopping as they didn't have the money for the bags. Many people are so poor that they only have small change on them.

8) Pedestrians and cyclists now have to take up their carriage space or pockets with plastic carrier bags... This may deter them from eco-friendly travel, they might take bus, car, train or taxi instead.

9) People will have less money to spend on eco-friendly products.

10) Precious time is wasted messing around with packed bags and with additional bag-charge transactions, this is a drain on more resources and costs the economy more.

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