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[conformity club - zayd depaor]

I guess surgery is not the only thing 'cosmetic' in nature today, it seems that so much of what makes up modern society is cosmetic. I think the best way to escape conformity is to question everything and develop a more comprehensive method of thought, judgement and analysis. If someone has fixed principles based on a reasoned foundation, then I don't see them being easily duped, bribed, blackmailed or intertwined into crowd-comfort.

One of the main mental chains keeping people in intellectual, social, political, economic and spiritual slavery is conformism. Blindly following people, crowds, society, governments, media, education, ideology and individual concepts and ideas.

Conformity is often born out of cowardice, being unwilling to differ with the majority, fearing you will be isolated or victimized.

Conformity is also born out of intellectual laziness, copying others is easier than actually thinking and evaluating ideas.

Conformity can also be born out of dissident voices being silenced by government or locked out by the mainstream media. People only hear one tune being sung at them all day and night, so it is the only music they know of. We are all used to pantomime phony debates, that are presented to us in the mainstream. The establishment view being well represented and the opposition being a weak representative or in reality not being a genuine or credible opponent.

Conformity is dangerous to an individual and society as it strips the individual of intellectual independence and the society of variety, critical analysis and individual input and creativity. Conformity creates drones, slaves, server units of an elite. The public mind becomes monopolized by the few directors of ideas.

Conformity leads to the oppression of the mind, body and spirit. Conformity breeds conformity, every instance of delegating thought to others acclimatizes the brain to not thinking, so it becomes more difficult to think the next time it is required.

All the mess we see around us is usually because people conformed and collaborated with oppressive and autocratic structures. People conform to bad ideas, false beliefs, nonsense concepts, misguided ideology and artificial knowledge and then wonder why the political, economic and social conditions are failing and destructive.

To escape this conformity to chaos requires stepping aside from the downward spiral and viewing reality as it is, away from the spin, without a blinkered view. We should ask ourselves whether things make sense, are they rationally sound, where is the benefit, where is the evidence? We should question our own motives and relationships, what are we doing? Are our thoughts our own or are they just harmful, malicious implants? The media is owned by who with what agenda? The education is mapped by who for what? The fashions and fads are being driven by who on the basis of what? The slogans being circulated, do they make sense, are they true? The common concepts that people are clinging to, are they in accordance with reality or fantasy? Are the foundations and branches of society sound, coherent, clear and correct or baseless, contradictory, confused and erroneous?

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