Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Global Enslavement Scam of the 'Unsolicited Submissions Policy'

The Global Enslavement Scam of the 'Unsolicited Submissions Policy'

Have you ever had a good idea you considered worthy of selling? To implement the idea yourself was too much hassle, too much work, too much time you don't have, too personally expensive or possibly too much risk for your budget.

You couldn't do it alone but thought there are many individuals, organizations or companies who do have the physical and human resources to bring the idea to fruition. So you could sell the idea to the company at a fixed ratio of net profit or a fixed price, then they could run away with it. This should be simple right? You have the idea, they have the money, the infrastructure, the contacts, distribution, marketing and know-how, so you will both win. They get richer and you get rich or richer than you are. So what is the problem?

Obviously there is a problem with people thinking they have a unique idea when they don't. There is another problem with people not having an idea any where near as good as they think it is, or perhaps it is patently bad, dumb, unworkable or nonsensical. How will a company filter all the ideas it receives, when it could be many ideas per day? And what is the point of the R & D, marketing departments and brainstorming sessions if a stranger will be made rich to the exclusion of those who are regularly paid to create and develop ideas?

You will regularly hear expert 'Intellectual Property' lawyers tell you, "Ideas are a dime a dozen", "Ideas aren't worth the paper they are written on", "Unless you have a patented prototype then forget it" etc. But the reality is that IDEAS RESULT IN WEALTH and there is NO WEALTH IN TRADE WITHOUT IDEAS. So with any new super selling product, innovation or service being based on an idea then why all of the deterrent measures to put you off trying to sell your idea? 

Are companies really telling us, "We don't want your ideas as we know everything already!", "We don't want your ideas as we know they will be bad or old before we even look at them", "We don't need your good ideas as we are rich enough and are not hungry for more success and sales!", "We don't need your idea as our in-house thinkers are better than everyone else and will do what we need, whether they think of your idea or not!" Do all those replies sound like nonsense and falsehood? Indeed they are. If we look at the behaviour of large corporations we can see that they are busy in all ways trying to gain an edge on components and a stronger grip of the minds and pockets of their customers and potential customers. They also know that success is based on ideas. There is indeed a growing underground industry of corporate espionage and if ideas were so worthless, there wouldn't be a million internal company workshops on getting the creative sparks flying, not to mention the multi-billion dollar intellectual property law industry. So why are they apparently fobbing you off, they really don't want your idea if it is a unique and good one?

Well, the current situation needs a little reading in to, so you can see what is really happening...and sadly and expectedly it isn't too good for the common man, and it kind of goes along the same pattern and path as his relationship with dictatorial government which usurps and monopolizes all sorts or rights and materials in the society, his relationship with utility companies, banks, property rents and the like... "We have the guns so we make the rules, we hold the gold, so we dictate how little access you have to it." To be more precise...

You may have found the large corporation, that fits your idea perfectly, you see it helping them and them helping you, so you run a search on how to submit your idea to them and then you come across the 'UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS POLICY' And this is where your blindfold about the way the world is gets taken off.

When you run a search for that term or similar, then you find it is not only your own target company which has such a policy but all competitors whom you may have considered as alternatives and all industries too. That's right, the 'Unsolicited Submissions Policy' has popped up across all corporations. Why? Because we are not dealing with independent companies but oligarchies or cartels. Have a look at the list of board of directors, that's right you saw them on the board of that other company, and that other one too. What does this policy say? Basically:-

1) Thanks for being our customer...that's all you are, we don't want to actually fulfil some of the rhetoric in our supposed 'company philosophy' and marketing slogans. You are there to make US rich, our relationship does not extend to helping you get rich in any way.

2) If you want to get rich from your idea, then you are dreaming. We are making this legal document before even speaking to you, before even seeing what you let you know that we are the ones that get rich and not you. We are in the powerful position and so will dictate to you how you will benefit us, and the legal system in your country is set up to support us in this position. This is another reason why lawyers are for the rich. 

3) If you want to have some minimal benefit from your idea which may well make us much richer, which may earn us millions of dollars a year, hundreds of millions....then you can come and work for us, give us the idea and just earn a normal salary like everyone else in the lower subservient positions.

4) If we were to allow you sell us your idea at a reasonable price or long term ratio, can you imagine how this would alter the balance of fair distribution in society and within our own company? Can you imagine how many other people might try selling their ideas at a fair price, rather than being exploited, underpaid and undervalued? We can't have this.

5) We are telling you this without you even reading it, so that in the event of you sending us your idea...we want to make clear you wont get any money out of us, because it becomes our idea and our property.

6) In the event of you seeking to bring this idea about by yourself or through another small agent or manufacturer,  then know that we will quickly adopt it, copy it and produce it on a much higher level of production, marketing and distribution than you. We are so large, and the system is so tailored by banks, government and law...all of whom are in bed with us...that we have no worries about ideas from small individual creators, innovators and thinkers among the common people.

7) With all this is mind, and after absolving ourselves, freeing ourselves from any legal, financial or moral responsibility towards you...please feel free to give us your idea out of your commitment to us. There is a possibility we will acknowledge your submission and give you a free T-shirt, but probably not...even if you see your idea come to market shortly after your submission, as we will claim we already conceived it ourselves...just in case the our public profile is harmed by the publicity if you choose to make a fuss. Thank you our valued customer.

So there we have it, it is not really a case of them not wanting your idea...Rather a declaration that you wont be getting paid for it...because they and their buddies already own you.

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