Monday, 4 November 2013

My Writings Revived - Zayd Depaor

Hello, I am Zayd Depaor and that is me above, not the fan, the one with the glasses on. Some of you may know me for my artworks, photography or videos, I am relatively active in facebook art groups and have blogs on my art, film and photography.

I have been an artist now for five years and expanded into film and photography as a consequence of promoting my art. However, for 20 years  I have primarily been a writer (that doesn't mean I learned how to read and write 20 years ago, maybe 17 years is more accurate in terms of serious output and published articles :) ).

I seem to have a psychological condition where I am like an ideas factory where the finishing plant was left incomplete. I have been for a long time writing many books, but I have had much trouble completing them. I am someone trying to do too many different things at once, so far, my attempts at remedying that problem have not been too successful. This blog is part of a new strategy to solve this organizational focus problem, but maybe it just end up adding to the problems, I hope not, God Willing.

Last year (2012) I had the the aim of completing between five and seven books. I didn't manage to complete one and now we are at the end of 2013.

What do I write about?

I write about many things, mainly things I consider important and which I hope will contribute towards change (for the better, change of myself and/or wider society).

I don't believe in writing for the sake of it, everything I have written so far has been due to some need or clear purpose. I am a lazy writer technically i.e. I rush to record my points before I forget them in notebooks, computer documents, scrap paper, envelopes etc. Hurriedly, I fill out a skeleton for a book, the main structure and will start fleshing out the chapters while my mind is driven, no time for punctuation, grammar or spelling, no time to correct typos...the end result? Lengthy works that are a mission to edit and correct.

Back to the point... Many of my writings are already online but not under my name. I have partially complete books which have reluctantly been sent to various parts of the world and people referred to them due to the unique research they contain on important issues. If my books are not fulfilling an unmet need then I will not continue with them. I write on the following areas and types of issues:-

  • Art (philosophy of art, mainly my own and the wider theory of Islamic art objectives and symbolism)
  • Positive Thinking (I know this a hackneyed term that is becoming quite annoying and populist, but I do have detailed and significant research and thought in this area and I need it myself in order to stay positive. )
  • Alternative Economics
  • Philosophy of Education especially 'Home Education'
  • Ideological Issues
  • Political Structures & Political Thought
  • Psychology
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Society
  • Religion (I am a Muslim since 1993 but am interested in all religions, originally raised as a Catholic)
  • Global Analysis
  • Spirituality
  • Colonialism
  • Commentary on my Film and Photography
  • Linux computer operating systems and their related application software (I write about this not from a technical perspective but more from its cultural, economic and political significance)
  • Paranormal Phenomena
  • Cosmology
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Alternative Science (and 'mainstream' science)
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Macro-Historiography
I study, read and write about all of these topics and others, many of them overlap and all are interconnected. But the value of my works and your own acceptance or rejection of my conclusions, allusions and protrusions in these spheres will only come to play when you read one of my books or some related content here or elsewhere. If you believe in God then please pray for my success in the completion of quality books. Thank you.

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