Tuesday, 5 November 2013

'BLUE ALIEN INVADERS' Latest Video Message from Society of those with Brown Eyes

BLUE ALIEN INVADERS:  "...You will be Blue..."


If you control the mind the body will not resist what is imposed on it.

The eyes may not see what the mind is blind to. Society consists of different parts, often undisclosed to one another and whose origins remain hidden from most and whose mechanisms can be as subtle as a slow wind. How many have welcomed their invaders with open arms before they noticed the destruction caused by covert malicious intent?

If you seek the the symbolic keys to metaphorical doors, then come and join the Society of those with Brown Eyes.

Jo‎in here:-https://www.facebook.com/groups/browneyed/

This is the tenth video message from an ongoing project. It is full of metaphors and hidden meanings of import.

The symbolism of these videos are contained not only in the worded messages but also in the videography, the framing, background, gestures, sounds, music and objects presented. Many of the messages and symbols are multi-layered.

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