Friday, 11 August 2017

Scientific Thought is not Pre-eminent in verifying reality

Objective reality is something other than government science education which carries the normal human errors of thought, knowledge, bias and interpretation along with the limits of perception and measurement....

Secondly, science operates within a culture, operated by groups and individuals, under a government with an ideology and objectives. This means that those individuals and groups promote and engineer their own opinions, knowingly and unknowingly through their study, experiments and teachings. So when assessing 'science' claims and teachings you have to distinguish between mechanical science (which runs the functions of a society, such engineering, farming etc) and that which is ideological...and is about the preservation and propagation of the culture it resides within. As an ideology and it's leaders and proponents will express it and be influenced by it in all spheres. So in reality, every civilization and culture had their own science philosophy...but the juvenile pan-scientism cult followers of today assume that their own science culture is neutral and objective, but that is very obviously a delusion caused by their own erroneous philosophy, psychology, emotions and culture.

So 'science' or reality being true is something other than science books and supposed 'scientists' being truthful, correct or reliable... And that is the trick of the pan-scientism cult...they conflate the two.

Science history is in fact a chronology of inaccurate measurements, erroneous explanations, mistaken observations, debatable conceptions, flawed experiments and false theories. This is indeed why it is subject to continuous difference, debate and change... Supposed established facts and orthodoxy are regularly overturned and abandoned... This demonstrates that empiricism or the scientific thought is not the pre-eminent thought in verifying reality... Science is in fact dependent upon rationality, rationality is not dependent upon science and it is not established by science, but rather by reality, mental capacity and structured coherent reasoning (those matters themselves need a cause). 

The principle of causality that science also depends upon again is not established by science but is rational or a priori knowledge... the same is the case with the principle of non-contradiction... Indeed a scientist worthy of the description will not blindly follow the results of his experiments if they appear to be nonsensical...rather the superior thought method of rationality will cause him to question his results and search for error, or even abandon the results altogether if rationality demands it.

Scientists never prove anything as they would be contradicting their philosophical idol called 'doubt', they deny the reality of the degrees of knowledge dynamically associated with the degrees of evidence, coherent reasoning which can lead to rational necessity and philosophical certainty. 

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