Friday, 4 August 2017


We are all trying to open doors, close doors, find doors and walk through doors. Why? Because we want to get out of the place we are at and enter another place. Is it better in the next room? Will we find what we are looking for beyond the door? Is this the right door to open or is it the disaster door? 

 How many doors have we opened in the past and regretted it? How many doors did we open to find nothing inside? How many doors did we wish we had opened earlier? Did we think before opening any of these doors or did we just open the door to breathe or get a change of scenery? "Better the rubbish you know than the rubbish you don't know..." Is one of my sayings ('rubbish' is a substitute for the normal word I use) ...but we open those doors hoping not find rubbish, but is that a realistic expectation?

We walk through the door and we bring with us our own beliefs, character, objectives, perceptions, abilities, history, criteria for action, methodology, knowledge, motives, emotions, psychology, desires, instincts and thought process... So will we experience a major change when we are who we are?

Perhaps we will just bring our problems with us, maybe our main problem is 'us' or at least our conception of 'us'. 

We open the newly discovered door with excitement, but after a while we find ourselves again, we run away from one problem to another, a bit like the little guy with problems in the Dr Seuss story who runs to Solla Sollew the place where there are no least very few... 

This life though is a place of struggles, difficulties and tests we will run from test to another but that doesn't mean that a new door opening wont bring about beneficial change in circumstances and experience... It just isn't guaranteed to be significantly better or different, it could be worse. 

Therefore it helps to prepare for what is on the other side of the door.

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