Thursday, 22 January 2015

When it's hot I wanna be cold & when it's cold I wanna be hot

When it's hot I wanna be cold & when it's cold I wanna be hot

In summer with the sun blazing down direct or through the window and fan not cooling me enough, I'm thinking, "I'm looking forward to winter so I can get on with my work, without being overheated." Winter comes and then I'm often so cold I have to keep warming my hands so I can type, I'm thinking "At least in summer I can do some work outside, sit down without getting wet (if it hasn't rained) and not have to jump up and down to keep warm, roll on summer."

So in one condition I want the opposite and when the opposite arrives I want to return to where I was, the original opposite.

I think this shows two things (at least). One, envisioning is not the same as tasting and two, you can't escape problems as life is full of them.

People on a regular basis hope for different conditions whose absence, in their mind is the cause of their problems and discomfort. In reality however, every situation has its challenges. This doesn't mean though that a change in circumstances can't make a difference to your performance, of course a change can make a dramatic difference. However, it will only be you in that new environment you hope for, so if you don't have the internal provisions then you may starve in your new home, earlier than expected. It is indeed wise to prepare to be a 'man for all seasons', as we are in a changing world with every moment having its pros, cons and trials, just as the Qura'n says "Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial and to Us you will be returned" (THE QURA'N al Anbiyaa' [The Prophets] 21:35)

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