Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Time to Time Things?

Time to Time Things?

Have you noticed the time speed up recently? Does it feel like a week is shorter than a week, a month shorter than a month, a year shorter than a year, an hour more like ten minutes?

Perhaps this is not a recent thing at all for you, but you noticed since childhood even, that time seems to be speeding up. The experience of time somehow being shrunk down. Secular materialists might declare it nonsense at once and just attribute it to a matter of distorted perception of time influenced by various psychological and sensory factors such as occupation, focus of mind etc.

Or we may now hear the familiar choir of quantum physicists, string theorists or experts in relativity telling us that the stretching of time or shrinking of time is indeed possible, and they may give us a lecture transporting us to the Star Trek episode where Kirk, Spock and co came across a people living at a higher frequency/velocity and so when they were close they couldn't even be seen as they were too fast for our perception and when the Enterprise crew transported into their dimension, those they left behind in normal life were appearing like statues, so slow that they looked motionless.

I don't know where my 20's went nor my 30's (yes they have almost gone too), it seemed like I was dumped in a time accelerator (or is that just a time machine?) and caged up so I couldn't do anything for 20yrs. Or I have been standing with one foot still and the other taking one step in one direction, then stepping back and then taking one step in another that I have basically been standing in one spot rotating directions but only ever getting one foot forward before it goes back to where it was, and while that unproductive dance has been going on, all the time has been used up.

It seems like it takes ages to do the smallest of things, the simplest of regular tasks. We have the technology and communications that supposedly speed things up but it seems that only time speeds up and nothing gets done. Eating, cooking, shopping, washing, waiting, travelling and then the whole day has gone.

By the time I have got anything done it might be time to drop into the grave. Maybe the watches need to be changed...forget the dials, numbers, second hand, hour and minute hands, just simply the watch saying "You're out of time!"

I tell people the main use of my watch is not to tell the time but to remind me that I'm almost dead. Maybe I should try and use my watch to time things, but by the time I have timed them they will be finished.

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