Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Complaining about what you mandated yourself...Habitual Voters

Complaining about what you mandated yourself...Habitual Voters

The masses have been trained to think that voting matters, indeed it does matter, in maintaining the status quo. People keep on voting and the situation stays the same or gets worse, regardless of the political party or individuals in power.

When radical change is needed to remove endemic problems, minor administrative adjustments via elections, political establishment policy think tanks and committees will not do, not when the problems are fundamental, structural, ideological, systematic and intrinsic.

Almost all the people are complaining about what sort of society we are living in but equally almost all of the people fail to see the link between their habitual actions and that which they are complaining about.

Too much tax? Indeed there are too many taxes and their levels are way too high, astronomically high. The level of tax each individual pays is excessive and oppressive, yet people keep voting for all the parties that are more or less agreed upon maintaining those levels of taxation. The result is the vast majority of people stay where they are, crippled and shackled by a combination of taxation, rent, high prices, low pay and exorbitant energy bills. People are complaining about this but keep voting for it.

Education has been dumbed down, relativised, diluted and manipulated so it has become almost meaningless, worthless and saturated in the dominant secular monoculture, yet people keep voting for those who engineer it and collaborate with its authors and ratify its implementation.

Crime is not punished, justice is not implemented, criminality is not deterred nor its various causes prevented, yet people keep voting for the architects and facilitators of such destructive traits and conditions.

A degenerate and corrosive culture pervades the fashion, music, movie and television industries. It permeates all areas of society at all levels and sullies human relations and moral and intellectual growth, polluting families, communities and individuals. Yet again, the people continue to vote for the progenitors of such culture while complaining about its consequences.

People are being bombed, murdered and tortured around the world, women and children killed, maimed, their houses ruined, their families wiped out...yet people keep voting for those who sanctioned and orchestrated it.

It is either stupidity, insanity or masochism to continuously support a situation whilst hating it, suffering due to it and complaining about it. If you don't like the way things are, then stop performing the actions that maintain it.

People have become so ludicrously gullible, unthinking and unanalytical that they fall for every new ruse and stratagem used to maintain their support. They consider that things will be different this time with the election of a 'younger candidate', a 'black candidate', an 'asian candidate', a 'female candidate' or a party with a new name and a new slogan...Yet all of these surface variations operating under the same structures, ideology, education, motives, collaborators and overseers bring about no needed change. In fact these cosmetic variables are used to further promote a sinister agenda whilst the masses are diverted by the supposed mirroring of demographics. How naive, shallow, indoctrinated and deluded can the people be? Poison is still poison even if it is renamed, repackaged and recoloured.

The largest political group concerning vote statistics in the UK general election are non-voters (those who don't trust or agree with either the mainstream political parties, policies, candidates, system or ideology). 

This largest group of non-voters is never represented in mainstream education or media. It would cause too many people to think and act differently if they had someone elucidating the reasons why voting is the wrong thing to do and why the existing political structures and ideas are exploitative, oppressive, deceptive and injurious.

They take the political decision not to vote for any number of good motives whether social, economic, political, moral, religious etc. They may see that the interests and well-being of themselves, their families and neighbours, their countries and the wider world are not best served by supporting liars, frauds, cheats, murderers, thieves, schemers and manipulators in elevating their own status at the expense of everyone and everything else. Perhaps it is time you finally woke up and joined them...the non-voters that is.

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