Tuesday, 2 September 2014

AGEING LINES - 27th August 2014

More lines upon my face today,
I'm rushing to my grave,
More problems passed my way today,
It's time to hide in caves.

No time to sleep, no time to think,
Words grow dry before the ink,
Fading fast and dying faster,
Coming close to meet my Master.

Hair receded, growth impeded,
Bones are aching, limbs are shaking,
Memory faded, feeling jaded,
No more passion looks my way,
More lines upon my face today.
(Zayd Depaor - 27th August 2014, 6:07am)


  1. Is true the mortal griego when the time pasta so empty..But you live your life with passion..you will never beca me old

    1. Well when we have something to live for and things to do, it seems the time passes even faster! Thanks for comment Patricia :)